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Gaining Clinical Impact and Building Robotics Program

Joshua McFall, Chief Financial Officer | Franklin Woods Community Hospital

At Franklin Woods Community Hospital, the da Vinci® Surgery program is an integral part of its surgical portfolio. The not-for-profit hospital is an 80-bed facility providing health care for Johnson City and the surrounding Northeast Tennessee area, and part of the Mountain States Alliance that serves 13 hospitals throughout Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Southeastern Kentucky and Western North Carolina. It prides itself on progressive medical treatments, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Franklin Woods Chief Financial Officer, Joshua McFall, recently attended an Intuitive Surgical inSight National Executive Session in Houston. He learned about the latest in healthcare economics and creating and operating a successful robotics program. At the tissue lab, a highlight of the class according to McFall, he gained hands-on experience with da Vinci Xi® technologies — the next frontier for da Vinci minimally invasive surgery.

The Houston session (one of two sessions held yearly) helped McFall achieve two goals: First, better understand the clinical impact of the da Vinci Xi Surgery System and how hospitals are using it to drive volume; and second, gain insight on how hospitals could build a robotics program.

In addition, McFall was interested in learning more about robotic-assisted colorectal surgery in the era of Big Data, and from the outset wanted to better understand the clinical and efficacy value of da Vinci Xi. The Intuitive Surgical team, led by Intuitive’s trainer Chase Allen, conducted a test drive highlighting the clinical value through multi-quadrant access.

As a progressive healthcare organization, he says Franklin hopes to capture additional in-patient surgical cases by moving from open to minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Further, it hopes to improve patient outcomes, enhance efficiencies, and position the hospital and its alliance for future growth.

But just as important, Franklin Woods Community Hospital wants to ensure that its da Vinci Surgery program helps surgeons, operating room management and staff, and hospital leadership deliver proven strategies for quality care, operational efficiency, and program growth. Toward this end, McFall says they look forward to integrating the Genesis training program to implement best practices in managing a successful da Vinci Surgery program, and to a continued partnership with Intuitive Surgical.

Says McFall, “We certainly see Franklin Woods and da Vinci partnering more as we move forward and our program becomes more mature. As we integrate Genesis into some of our process flow mapping, we will continue to drive waste out of the operating room. From our perspective, a highly-qualified set of ‘outside eyes’ would certainly create value for our organization. We feel like we are a vested partner with Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci Surgery program — your success is our success.”

Franklin Woods plans to purchase a da Vinci Xi in the second quarter of 2017.

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