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We Have a Winner — Congrats to Lilia Siazon on Her Perfect Score!

Robotics Coordinator Gains Value from dV360

This year’s da Vinci 360 passport winner is Lilia Siazon, Robotics Coordinator at Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas. She successfully and enthusiastically completed all 30 stations at the 2017 da Vinci 360 users conference.

“Before the conference, I had little knowledge of the da Vinci Xi® Surgical System. For the last five years, we only had the Si® System, “explains Siazon. “This conference offered a variety of educational opportunities that increased my understanding of the latest da Vinci technologies through the dynamic sessions, workshops, and hands-on learning labs. And now that we have the da Vinci Xi System, it has strengthened my confidence and ability with Intuitive’s minimally invasive, robotic-assisted technology.”

Since attending last year’s conference, Siazon has helped do her part at Spring Valley Medical Center to take the da Vinci program to the next level. She believes they have “the best team and most satisfied surgeons” and a strong practice for robotic-assisted surgery between specialties and procedures. The hospital has worked on standardization, reducing trays, inventory and staff workload while, at the same time, they have improved efficiency by having a dedicated team.

“As a robotics coordinator, I am very involved in the day-to-day work of the da Vinci surgeries and must know who will get the da Vinci Si vs. the Xi System, and make sure the preference cards are updated and ready prior to surgery. In fact, I need to be familiar with all robotics surgeons, supplies, instruments, positions — essentially all the needs for the operating room. By attending the conference, I have learned to troubleshoot, handled all aspects of inventory turnover, and ensure that staff and surgeons get what they need to best perform their jobs,” says Siazon.

Spring Valley is a 292-room hospital that offers a comprehensive range of medical offerings including: 24 hour emergency services, cardiovascular services with a specialty in open-heart surgery, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, maternity services with a Level III NICU and wound care.

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