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Acute Care Hospital Explores Starting da Vinci Surgery Program
by Year-End 2017

Gains Insight on Creating a Clinically Efficient and Profitable Robotics Program

Pioneers Memorial Hospital, an affiliate of the Scripps Health Network, is a highly recognized, 107-bed acute care facility committed to providing state-of-the-art healthcare, and complemented by the highest quality of community education. After being approached by several surgeons wanting to start and grow a da Vinci® Surgery program at the hospital, CEO Larry Lewis decided it was time to seriously look into the opportunity. 

Following an initial meeting with Intuitive Surgical, he was ready to learn even more about the clinical benefits, economic value and strategic advantage that a robotic-assisted surgery program might provide. He attended a C-Suite Executive Engagement Forum in Chicago, and that convinced him even more to make a commitment to a da Vinci Surgery program at Pioneers Memorial before the end of the year. Prior to attending, Lewis admitted he knew little about da Vinci Technology, and so he was extremely motivated by the presentations of other small, rural hospitals in Montana and Colorado. Pioneer is located in Brawley, California in the Imperial Valley — a significant cattle and feed industry town of just 25,000. Says Lewis, “If these other small hospitals can do it, I know we can too!” He also found that engaging with and sharing knowledge with other executives at the Forum really helped him solidify his thinking on robotic-assisted surgery.

To help ensure success with the program, Lewis said he knew he would need the support of the Board President. He convinced Pioneers’ Board President to attend the InSight National Executive Session. This event facilitates one-on-one interaction and engagement with cross-functional thought leaders providing hands-on experience and insight into understanding the full value of a da Vinci Surgery program. 

Stay tuned for further developments on Pioneers Memorial Hospital.

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