Want to help contain costs with your da Vinci® program? Looking to learn more about integrating robotic-assisted surgery into your practice? Our video presentations cover these topics and more. Check back with us periodically for new videos and more learning.

Adhesiolysis in Benign Hysterectomy

Building a Successful Robotics Program

Rob Freymuller, CEO
Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

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A 32-minute talk highlighting the five pillars of a successful program:

  • A strong leadership commitment
  • OR staff engagement and buy-in on benefits and approach
  • Physician quality and operations committees to oversee the program
  • Marketing and community awareness to help explain the procedures and technology
  • Strategy and market position
Adhesiolysis in Benign Hysterectomy

Turn Your Investment in Robotics into a Sustainable Program

Mike Baxter, CEO
Parkview Medical Center

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  • Strategies for a challenging Payer Mix
  • Recognizing the value of continued investment
  • Potential for reduction in total cost of care with improvement in outcomes
Adhesiolysis in Benign Hysterectomy

Taking the Plunge in Our Future: A CEO’s Mission to Differentiate and Improve Patient Outcomes

Vicki Newmiller, RN, BSN, MHA, CEO
Great Falls Clinic Health Care System

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  • The business of investing in da Vinci technology: planning, financing, marketing
  • Adding a new service line
  • Showcasing performance data
Adhesiolysis in Benign Hysterectomy

Building a Sustainable da Vinci Program

Allen Harrison, CEO,
North Austin St. David’s Medical Center*

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  • An overview of the North Austin Program
  • The Current State
  • The Future

*Mr. Harrison is currently CEO of Methodist South Texas Medical Center

Adhesiolysis in Benign Hysterectomy

Cost Containment: Surgeons and their Instruments

Thomas Payne MD
Medical Director, Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery

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  • Cost containment is critical for the economic success of a da Vinci program
  • Teaching surgeons to eliminate redundant instruments decreases cost
  • To motivate surgeons: educate and compare, ask but never tell
Adhesiolysis in Benign Hysterectomy

Variable Cost Reduction Strategies: Implement and Sustain

Sarah Dhane
Director of Operations, Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery

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Lower Your Variable Costs by:

  • Reducing disposable items
  • Tray consolidation
  • Par level improvement
Adhesiolysis in Benign Hysterectomy

Cost Containment in the Academic Experience

Gaby Moawad, MD, FACOG
George Washington University

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  • A cohesive team: Surgeons, OR staff and their leadership
  • Remaining consistent and competitive
  • Consistency translates into dollars saved
  • Metrics matter
Adhesiolysis in Benign Hysterectomy

Laparoscopy to Robotics: The next step in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Jerald Wishner, MD
Co-Director Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Northern Westchester Hospital

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  • The potential impact on time, schedules, and results associated with integrating robotics into a busy practice
  • Tracking your data is imperative
  • How a da Vinci robotics program can potentially drive clinical and economic value to patients, surgeons, and hospitals

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